Massage Hilarity and Facebook

My wife’s massage therapist is a short, 25 year old, misguided man.  I don’t care much for massages, but I am interested in her stories upon the return.

Her massage therapist asked for her approval of his mustache.  I believe my wife to be a woman of  integrity, honor, and honesty.  Her response was, “Get rid of it.”

This man then transitioned to speaking of his love for riding horses while on vacation in Ocean Shores, “Just like a disc jockey”.  Since he is four feet tall, my wife asked him if he meant a jockey, as opposed to a disc jockey.  He responded by saying, “The ones that ride horses.”

My wife, discerning as she is, responded, “Have you ever ridden a horse?”


Embarrassingly and honestly, the man said “No. I don’t have any intention of riding it.  I just want my picture taken on one so I can put it on my Facebook page.”

Sometimes, Facebook and horses can make you laugh.

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