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Quatto and Action Park

“Pain don’t hurt.”  These words were so eloquently delivered by Patrick Swayze in the extraordinarily moving and critically acclaimed 1989 film, Road House. Pain don’t hurt?  Like hell it doesn’t.  Having two hernias residing in your body like unruly tenants … Continue reading

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No Horse

Soccer is terrific if you love it.  Football is great if you can take it.  Basketball is wonderful if you can endure it.  Baseball is magnificent if you can believe it.  Other than baseball, I can’t say I love or … Continue reading

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Apples and A-Holes

New York City’s famous nickname “The Big Apple” wasn’t named after the forbidden fruit.  The term was used to describe “something most significant of its kind; an object of desire and ambition.” Playoff baseball is right around the hot corner, … Continue reading

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Prep Time and the Book

I guess you could say I went to a garden party one day.  It was only fun because I could pay off a bet.  Let’s just say it wasn’t a Twix candy bar sort of bet.  I had one hour … Continue reading

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Big News!

Hold the texts.  The Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl in 2019. Without encouraging my gambling tendencies through Fantasy Football this year, and although I love the sport of American football, my lawn mowing duties are far more … Continue reading

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First Day (The Wooden Arm)

My wooden arm only lasted one day. School was in session this week for those educators and pupils young and old,  and I began to remember, as a retired teacher, what the first day would bestow upon the students. As … Continue reading

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Diner Jokes

Jokes piss me off.  I don’t care if they are profanity laced or offensive, I just find them to be a nuisance.  I don’t enjoy someone embarrassing themselves when laughter doesn’t follow, and I have the second worst fake laugh … Continue reading

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Nose Hair

Thank God for small islands and small minded people.  I now live on a small island, and I consider myself to be a small minded person.  For extra food money, I found a job for my lovely wife at the … Continue reading

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Blow Me???

After researching the phrase “blow me” at the pubic Seattle library on 5th and Cherry lane, I was blown away by what this means.  Forgive me for being a Saint. Although being an over actor, I’ve enjoyed Mel Gibson in … Continue reading

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Hitching Post 77

Picking up hitch hikers is something my wife and I don’t ordinarily do.  In fact, after almost ten years of marriage, this was our first time.  I’d never personally picked one up myself and neither had she.  The only hitch … Continue reading

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