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My Hometown

I won’d disclose his name or the city, but my friend, Vic, described it, and the city of Spokane, as delightfully as thus.  Come to Spokane!  Drinking, gambling and shoveling snow. That’s how we roll.  He’s trying to keep the … Continue reading

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Gifts We Shall not Forget

Annually, my wife asks me what I want for Christmas.  I respond annually with this.  1:nothing. 2: A Mad Magazine, and 3: an orange.  I receive the magazine and an orange every year.  That’s what our mother would place in … Continue reading

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Mother Hood

My wife and I are proud parents.  She is proud as can be of our animals, (me, not so much) and I am a Spokane Washington raised hood. She believes our animals should be in the Feline and Canine Hall … Continue reading

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Puppies are Us

My wife is a chew toy. Since we can’t have children, many people say we are lucky.  My wife and I aren’t feeling so lucky with our new puppy.  Just the other day, my wife was heading to the Hanford … Continue reading

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Just the other day, I was asked if today was the lack of talent show at the local middle school. I had to say, I’m a bit sad to miss both teaching and whatever that show was for… talent or … Continue reading

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Chicken Lenny and the Shadow

Chickens don’t run around because they are afraid.  They run to avoid conflict and danger, but when summoned to provide assistance, chickens will always be willing to provide a fist, or a beak. My friend, and my brother’s best friend, … Continue reading

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Seattle Public Univerisity

We just received a bill from Seattle Public Utilities.  It was for 0.00 dollars.  The check is due on May 7th. I think we’ll save the check and the stamp.

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Stink Holes

Sink holes are nothing to be challenged with, especially when county workers are attempting to fix the issue.  There is currently a sink hole on our street.  Since we live on a dead end road, we had no way of … Continue reading

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Teachers at Large

Armed teachers?  On the way to school, you may as well give them a bottle of tequila on the way. This is not the way to solve this school shooting issue. I don’t carry a gun.  As a former a … Continue reading

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Juice Bags

A friend of mine, whose name, Jeremy, will remain nameless was recently cut off by a driver he referred to, out loud, as a “Douche Bag”.  With a momentary lapse of verbal judgement, he forgot his three elementary children were … Continue reading

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