Mother Smuckers

Proudly, I have a friend, all of 94 years of age willing to take the covid vaccination. That takes moxie. I would have written “balls”, but he doesn’t need those anymore.

As a former gambler, I looked up the Vegas odds regarding his life expectancy, post vaccination. Amazed, Vegas was far too righteous to take any bets. Vegas!????

Smuckers, the Today Show King of Jelly, good wishes, thoughts, and fare thee wells, was willing to toss out some odds. The over under on our friend is currently one hundred and ten. As a longtime friend, wishing my buddy, Marshall, to live past one hundred and ten, I took the over. My brother, also a lifetime friend and realist, bet the under, but just so he could sleep peacefully at night, never wishing to bet on someone’s demise, he did wish him to live at least until one hundred and nine.

Whichever man wins this wager will be supplied a lifetime supply of Smucker’s Grape Jelly. My bookie is currently on the line with Wonder Bread and Jif.

Marshall didn’t wish to participate.

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