Historical Non Fiction

A few years from now, all the students of the world can trash those ridiculously outdated history books no one reads anymore, but are used as a supplement for teachers who still believe the Berlin Wall remains upright and the USSR is not just an APP, but a country.

We are witnessing a very critical, positive moment and perhaps moments in our great and sometimes tarnished history of America. Most of us are celebrating not only the first woman Vice President, but also recognizing her to be the first woman of color to represent our separated Nation. As a white boy growing up in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, I remember my father saying, “One day, a great leader of our country will be crowned President of the United States. He or she will be a qualified man or woman, black or white, but it will happen. That’s when I’ll have hope for America again.” His republican friends thought my father shouldn’t fog his ideas with booze and common decency. My father was the most sober of the bunch.

Well, I hope my father is rejoicing in heaven. No fireworks, no busting beer glasses over heads with Irish and Scottish glee, just a sigh of relief knowing we can evolve.

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