What’s the difference between a mob and an angry mob? It’s a trick question for morons. There is no difference. A mob is a mob. Just watch the Simpsons.

The mayor of Springfield: “Let’s kill everyone!”

Community of Springfield: “Hurray!!

I am legally blind, but I can hear and have developed a keen sense of smell. That’s what separates me from the pigeons. They enjoy crackers. I like chocalate milk. Who really cares?

Wake up and smell the pigeons.

2 thoughts on “Mobs

    • Hannah, one of my favorite students and subject to many conversations my wife and I have late in the evening after watching baseball and Seinfeld. You are one of the many blessings in my life. Thank you.

      I’m currently writing about your episode with Dominic,…you remember him. You were an angel on his shoulder and mine. My wife still laughs about him busting up a keyboard like it was a vending machine not accepting money. You saved my ass on that one. Take care. Hope you are well. Mr. Gannon…..whatever.

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