Your Roots

Similar to questioning one’s faith, I am questioning who I’m rooting for to win the World Series.  I’ve never been an avid Cubs fan, but I’ve been to Wrigley Field.  Does that somehow qualify me as being a year long fan?  I don’t know.  I like the Cleveland Indians, but I’ve never been to the garden city, so I’m a bit torn.  Therefore, one must always, beyond a coin flip, decide which way they should root.  Two of my best friends, my brother, Tom, and a dear old man, Marshall, are rooting for the Indians.  They are the only ones, (inside of my circle of nonsense), I know rooting for the Indians, and they share the same birthdate.  Is this ironic or just coincidental?  Only the late, great George Carlin could answer this question.  For me, I’ve decided it’s all about game seven.  That’s all I really care about. Ultimately, I say, “Piss on games one through five. Let’s root for games six and seven!”

Disclosure:  (Assuming the Cubs win game five)

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