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The funny thing about laughter is some people either love it or hate it.  I’ve never understood those who hated laughter unless they were absolutely miserable. There have been times in my life when I was absolutely miserable, but if … Continue reading

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The Good Fellows in my Life

Sometimes, life is like a blackjack table. The odds are against you, but if you are surrounded by certain people, you have a much better chance of success. Blackjack is fun, and it may translate to a skill with which … Continue reading

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The Finals Dinner

If you follow my blog or college basketball, you will understand that The Spokane Stromboli are facing off with the North Carolina Fried Green Tomatoes tonight.  Whatever the outcome is, everyone will eat well. Personally, I am looking forward to … Continue reading

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As with every morning, I awake to feed our dogs, cats, squirrels, and my wife.  Today, I didn’t have time to feed myself because of gambling and the month of March.  It’s that time of year when some may succumb … Continue reading

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It’s time for  March Madness, and more importantly, gambling. My wife wants my advice regarding the NCAA tournament brackets.  She believes I know more about gambling than the professionals in Las Vegas making a living off of people like me.  I … Continue reading

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Growing up a bad Catholic, I was encouraged to give up something for forty or forty six days during Lent. Drinking, gambling and Whoppers were always options, but I chose to give up swearing one year. The former three were … Continue reading

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The Seven Year Old Itch

The love of money and Ding Dongs are the root of all evil. Gambling had consumed my life by the time I was seven years old.  The transition from horse racing to gambling on football was far too smooth.  It … Continue reading

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Viva La Gambling

One would think, with the Super Bowl more than a week away, gambling may be slow for the remaining eight excruciating days without American football.  This is the only event in America creating thousands of jobs the following Monday when … Continue reading

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Without disclosing how I voted, I find certain observations by the person who will hold the highest position in the world relatively overrated.  That doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with some people, places and things he believes to be overrated … Continue reading

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Your Roots

Similar to questioning one’s faith, I am questioning who I’m rooting for to win the World Series.  I’ve never been an avid Cubs fan, but I’ve been to Wrigley Field.  Does that somehow qualify me as being a year long … Continue reading

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