Politics and Baseball

Currently, there are two major competitive series playing out this season of the witch or pitch, depending how you look at it.  One remains a Fall Classic, and the other has, decidedly, become a Fall Catastrophe.

Let’s make this simple.  Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump wish to run our country. Neither of whom have any respect for one another, in addition to women and e-mails.  Important U.S. and foreign policies have vanished, clouded by their adolescent behavior and disagreements.  So, let’s take a giant leap to Major League Baseball.  Here we have two teams, the Chicago Cubs, and the Cleveland Indians fighting for one of the most coveted of all trophies.  They are fighting, civilly, to win the World Series.  Yet, they don’t hate each other.  Quite the contrary.  They want to win at all fair costs, but each team and manager will tip their hats to the winner, recognizing one manager may successfully outwit the other, or his team may just be that terrific on a certain day.

Cubs fans don’t hate or disrespect the Indians, and the Indians don’t hate, nor do they disrespect the Cubs.  Both teams, on each side of the National and American Leagues, have fantastic, yet wildly different managers, but equally exceptional at their jobs, AND, they respect one another and their teams. While they are two opposing teams, they are each a fine display of non partisan sportsmanship.

I’m holding my official vote before I make this proposal.  If the Cleveland Indians win the World Series tonight, Terry Francona, manager of the Cleveland Indians, will get my vote for President of the United States and Joe Maddon, manager of the Chicago Cubs, will get my nod as Vice President.  If the Chicago Cubs win, Maddon will get my vote as President, but only if Francona runs as his Vice.

Due to the fact both managers would agree on not putting up a “Wall” since many of their most talented players couldn’t climb that “Wall” in time for Spring Training, just might make for an amicable political relationship.  Or, you may just believe they are caring and competent humanitarians, persuading those in our country to believe it can be better.  Just ask the Cubs and Indian fans.

It’s just that simple.

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