Our Favorite Holiday (7) Moods

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Jewish rituals.  All respected and appreciated by my father, but no holiday compared to game seven of the World Series.  As a man of faith, he attended church more than regularly, but he appreciated both the love of baseball and the fact game seven of the World Series wasn’t deemed as a Holy Day.  Rather, he left us believe it would be a hope, or future treasure chest filled with nostalgia which we could open years later and say, “We watched that game with our dad.”   We didn’t have to go to church on these days.

Rather than inviting people over, he’d only allow pedestrians in if they were interested in the game.  Following the game, you must stay off the phone, because one of his great friends, annually, would call him after the final out.  If you stayed off the phone, and watched the game with popcorn wedged in your teeth, game seven was more than just a good mood.

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