Cleveland’s Costumes

With my back turned, listening from a distance (my kitchen) to the Republican National Convention, I was hearing a chant which caught my attention.  Turning from the shrimp filled saute pan, I swore I could distinctly hear, quite rhythmically, “Al-Co-Hol….Al-Co-Hol…Al-Co-Hol!”  After further analysis, they were instead chanting, “Build the Wall…Build the Wall….Build the Wall!”  Of course, my first assumption was a bit silly, or was it?

Soon after recognizing my error, I received a text message from my brother, Tom, commenting on the convention’s atmosphere.  (This is a direct quote from my brother….no plagiarism whatsoever……I didn’t write one word of this……nor did my speech writer.)

“These are grown up adults at these conventions, in costumes, waving signs that are horrendous.  Where is Mark Twain when we need him?”

Precisely.  Mark Twain would have eloquently crucified this gathering, whether he was a Trump supporter or not.  And, if I may add, he would not have been the least bit surprised if they were chanting “Al-Co-Hol!” because clearly, the vast majority had been imbibing prior to entering the arena.  Is there any other excuse for this behavior?  I guess I could think of one other excuse, and as an educated American, I will patronize an audience by providing a simple suggestion.  Make America smart again.


3 thoughts on “Cleveland’s Costumes

    • I will most likely be equally disturbed. Conveniently, I took a trip to the Poconos where they have no television reception. You, or the Philly Fanatic, will have to provide the details. Keep in check, I didn’t mention the party I may or may not be supporting. I was only making light of humanity. God Bless us all.

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