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One of my sisters once said camping in a hotel was much better than camping outdoors. My friend, one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met, would agree with my sister. A terrific comedian, Jim Gaffiigan, did a fabulous bit … Continue reading

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Fox Tales (A Kool Ode to Summer)

Prisoners don’t sell Lemon Aid when they’re in jail.  They sell Kool Aid.  Lemon Aid will get you shanked or severely beaten.  Kool Aid will keep you on the safe side of the woods… matter what type of flavor it … Continue reading

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What Floor?

“Throw strikes, you ape!”  Vacationing in Seattle, Washington, relatively close to forty years ago, this is what my brother and I remember hearing when watching a Mariner baseball game in the, now deceased, Kingdome.  The inebriated stranger next to us … Continue reading

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Hocus Jocus (Sayonara @#$%Kickers!)

Middle school students are a delight!  This bodes especially true in mid June…the last remaining days of school before summertime bliss.  Just as true, those little whipper snappers really know how to keep their teachers in line.  I know.  I … Continue reading

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After the age of about 10, I  finally acknowledged bathing, asking mom for some clothes which weren’t my brothers’ and cutting my hair was a good idea.  It was not just my coming of age, but a roaring boomtown year … Continue reading

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Trick or Treats (Big Gulp and the Bumble)

While maintaining the summertime theme, this title means absolutely zero regarding Halloween.  I’ll save that for my November blog.  Treats are reserved for those desiring Ding Dongs, Zingers, Wang Doodlers, Twinkies, Pong Paks, and Slappy Sams…..hold on……I may be confusing … Continue reading

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Summer here and there

The end of summer is near.  How demoralizing.  Speaking from a teacher’s perspective, this is fabulously crucial to a mind fixated on three special months. Immortalizing summer is quite appropriate for the following posts.   In fact, for those of … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’  I will refrain from saying these pictures are worth a thousand words,  just a few billion. Initially, I wanted to provide a hocus focus, requiring the viewer to recognize the differences in these two pictures.  I will provide you … Continue reading

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