Warriors and Champs

What is a champ? If you figure it out, you become the champ…the winner. You could be a part of winning the World Series. You could win the Super Bowl. These days, the NBA can suck it. A real champ loses and gets back up. Joe Frazier was a champ. Although amazing, Ali was a champ and a chump. That made him intriguing. It didn’t make him a good man.

A wise English teacher once asked the class while attending Washington State Unirversity “How do you define a warrior?” I didn’t speak much in class, or at all for that matter. The professor dismissed all their answers. I was compelled to provide the easiest answer and go home. “A warrior falls down but continues to get back up, no matter what.”

If he didn’t receive a good response, we’d been there all night.

He excused us from class.

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