Shoving Off

“Turn out the lights. The party’s over.”

Great song, but it’s also sadly relative to what we’ve personally experienced. My wife and I are taking a permanent hike away from the once beloved city of Seattle, and it’s not just because of the virus.

As my favorite T.V. character, Seinfeld, once said, “People are the worst.” Once, that was merely a funny negative observation from his television show. Now, it’s the malignant truth to a large portion of our dreadful society. People can be the worst, but with our opposable thumbs and half a brain, we don’t have to be the worst.

Looting, fires, shooting at innocents? Black, brown or white, it is not just wrong but layered with such stupidity, and it is arriving at a time when we should be supporting one another.

Look at yourself. I do everyday, and I find a way to laugh and make fun of myself. Take a minute to laugh at yourself and keep the anger, unless justified, in your back pocket.

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