Scotlandia Part Deux

This is dedicated to The John of Wellingsons. (He is one our neighbors.)

Before my wife and I traveled to Scotland, my now ex friend, John, told me to try the haggis.  This is basically intestines, the heart, and lungs from a sheep.  I thought I had to at least try it because it is a Scottish staple.  It looks as dreadful as it tastes, but I worked it down my gullet as though I needed to get a free pass for escaping a Scottish prison.  It went into my mouth tasting of feces, and it left my body as black volcanic lava for an entire day.  Cheers, you J-hole!

Haggis at the Guilford Arms, Edinburgh Scotland

Haggis at the Guilford Arms, Edinburgh Scotland



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  1. Vic says:

    Ben, If I recall you always enjoyed hot dogs? Guts are Guts. Give the Scots a break!

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