Embrace It

One of my six sisters has cancer. That is a really awful introduction. I guess my brain is a bit broken as well as my heart.

Smart, beautiful, dynamic, great sense of humor and flat out genuinely giving whether it was out of her pocket or, more importantly, out of her soul. That is our Patricia.

My six sisters have all treated me wonderfully. It was similar to having seven mothers. Morning, day and night, I always felt safe with all of them, including Patricia.

Patricia’s force of positive nature made you think, laugh and love.

I’ve been educated in many ways regarding my family. I love them all. Patricia didn’t just teach me to think, laugh and love, she taught me to embrace it. Spread it. We all need it.

For that, I am truly thankful.

Thank you, Patricia,

Benji Blooper

(You are the only person I allowed to call me by that name)

I……We love you.

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