The Mighty Quinn (21)

It’s sad to say that I was twenty one once, and only a few guys remember me on that day.  One of them isn’t me.  Still friends with the other guys, I don’t believe a word they say about January something, but if they are stating the truth, I’m glad I wasn’t there.

I think it’s sort of funny.  I’ll bet there are billions and gazzilions of stories recounted by others regarding a twenty first birthday.  This may have been part of the inspiration behind the “Hangover” movies.

My nephew, Quinn, just turned twenty one yesterday, and I’m proud to say that I’m proud of him. After a reminder from my brother, I called my nephew and wished him a happy whatever. (Unless it’s my mother’s or wife’s birthday, I believe you should only have one….when you are born.) This story has a happy ending, because he has won.

Quinn was a good boy and I have witnessed him become a man.  It wasn’t always easy, but the story is quick.  At the age of about six, Quinn began his wrestling saga, or dramatic explosion for the likes and dislikes of his thirteen uncles and aunts. Shortly into this adventure, he was demoralized and beaten by a girl, perhaps four years of age, on a wrestling mat.  My brother and I were equally demoralized witnessing this crushing event held at the Spokane Coliseum amongst five thousand others.  Tom and I were both old enough to drink the pain away, but we couldn’t forget that Quinn had to wait fifteen more years to drink that pain away.  Losing to a girl?  That’s as crazy as seeing a name like Romney or Sasquatch on a Presidential Ballot! Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait until he was twenty one to forget, which is why I have the utmost respect for this man.  He decided, at a very early age, and much to the dismay of one Homer Simpson, alcohol is the not the cause and solution for all of mans’ problems.  He made this strange and oblong decision to train his body, harnessing his horse from within, while sweating, and suffering through thousands of practices, rather than abusing the drink….unless it was Gatorade.   Quinn never lost to another girl (on a mat anyway), and at the age of seventeen, became a two time state wrestling champion…. only wrestling boys I might add in the state of Washington.  Tom, my wife and many others didn’t miss a second of any of those matches in that Dome.  Quinn may not have been a formidable gladiator at the Spokane Coliseum, but he never lost a championship match at the Tacoma Dome.  And, just like many stories must end, it took a girl to provide the inspiration and perspiration to do it.

Quinn received a college wrestling scholarship, but has since chosen to join the Armed Forces to help maintain our freedom.  Just one more reason to respect him.

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