Resurrecting a story should be reserved for those who are canonized in literature or paleolithic history…….I guess.  Charlie Brown Specials, The Grinch, Frosty, and some of those claymation documentaries about Rudolf and Santa should remain frozen in our holiday television sets.

That being written, I may be so bold as to resurrect one of my most sacred of holiday blogs.  It’s a favorite of the blasphemy blog section.  I hope it’s one of yours.

While traveling along the highway somewhere in Spokane, Washington going to Anywhere, Washington, amidst a flurry of snowflakes, a friend of mine and his dad witnessed something special.  It was an icicle laced billboard displaying an image of HIM…. Jesus, or God, or whatever floats your arc, raising His hands in glory to the sky.  The sign read, “Jesus Christ is Christmas.”  Despite your faith, the sign might resonate to some forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.

Fortunately, for our own nostalgia, my friend’s father misread the billboard.  He bellowed with terrific irreverence, “Jesus Christ, it’s Christmas?!”

Trying to park at Target, CostCo, or even a 7-11 this time of year may manifest that phrase  in even the most pious of us all.

Jesus Christ.  It is, indeed, almost Christmas.



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