Intros and Concussions

Sometimes, the best introduction ends with a  great concussion.

Some of my brothers picked on me.  Since I was the youngest, it was pretty fun for them to  perform acts of unkindness.  Hanging me up from a tree while serving a two year sentence in leg braces was only one form.  Personally, I preferred tamed fighting as opposed to emotional abuse.  Far to0 young to match their wits or humiliation approaches, I chose the barbarian approach…  Fighting.  As one of  my brothers  once said, no one wins in a fight.  So true.  It’s senseless, mindless, and you wind up with a broken nose, concussion, or blood from your opponent causing your mother to do an extra load of laundry.

Not sustaining a broken nose, as I am aware of, the concussions and blood were true, and I deserved some of them.

I love my brothers and am glad I didn’t mess with my six older sisters.  That would have been concussion central.  I love them as well.  They all taught me how to be strong, compassionate, and how to gamble.

We were and are a family, and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to help me along in that pasture of ultimate kindness.  There really was no bullying, just blood and love, and a few concussions.

3 thoughts on “Intros and Concussions

  1. Love reading your articles Gannon. I’m sure you remember me. Hope you are doing well in this chapter of your life!

    Your old friend Will

  2. Luv this story of fighting. I think that’s why one of Steve’s memorial songs was Saturday Night all right (Sir Elton),was curious to how they picked that. 🤔 You’re right no one wins in fighting. Although, The Yanks won in the Civil War if I’m not mistaken. (Ask Honest Abe)(RIP) I vaguely remember u being hanged on a tree 🌲. No doubt Greg was the General on that one. With that being said, you’re also right & very smart about not to even think about messing w your sisters. I always knew u were the most brilliant brother!! Love & Hugs 🤗

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