A Proper Escape

“I enjoy being anyplace where guns aren’t within reach.”

-Author: Unknown  (Pretty sure it wasn’t Charlton Heston.)

What can we rely on when our world is in crisis?  Where do we collectively join in text embraces when we are sick of political buffoonery or people wielding weapons so haphazardly as a common hammer?  When wishing to decompress or even decompose, many choose to seek refuge in our glorious sanctuary of athletic joy. This “season of the sport” couldn’t come at a better time.  Put down your weapons for a moment and enjoy the show.  We have the Olympics with Michael Phelps and American Vandal, Ryan Lochte. We have College Football and the NFL sneaking around the corner of a baseball pennant race which will lead to a terrific post season.  We also have an American and Canadian classic movie, “Slap Shot” on every other channel.  For crying out loud, I don’t watch pre-season football, but I love those who find happiness doing so.

I’m tired of bombs, fires, floods and enhanced security at airports.  Let’s take a much needed break from terrorism, whether it’s Mother Nature or the guy next door, and focus on these sports, ultimately, making us forget the truth for a bit.

All you other A-holes can read a book.

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