What are the Odds?

Gambling is fun, if you have the funds, or proper representation just large enough to save your thumbs.

The Super Bowl awakened us, hit us, and some quite hard. Therefore, so does gambling. Personally, I don’t really care about the bet I made with a friend. In fact, I’m happy I lost the bet, because, he will say, “No big deal, you can buy me lunch after this covid stuff subsides.” I guess I’m in the clear for another couple years!! What a chump!

That easy ride takes me to a thought of betting with people during the Super Bowl. Common people….you know….morons. Me. (I stole that line from Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles,)

People, or, “morons”, still make resolutions. My very simple belief is people make new year’s reservations before the Super Bowl. Anyone who bets on that, like me, is a simpleton. It’s ok to be stupid, as long as you admit to being stupid yet having the money to choose poorly. That’s where it becomes confusing for some.

The most money I’ve ever made gambling was betting against a very smart roommate with a bad habit. I won’t identify the roommate and close friend, nor his legal habit, but he did buy me a Chinese dinner annually after losing the bet. Even if his check bounced at Tom Yung Fhoo Mee, he wasn’t stupid, decided to finish his pharmacy degree, became a quite successful pharmacist, and never bet with me again.

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