Viva La Gambling

One would think, with the Super Bowl more than a week away, gambling may be slow for the remaining eight excruciating days without American football.  This is the only event in America creating thousands of jobs the following Monday when so many don’t report to work after Super Bowl Sunday.

Not so fast.  With the new President stirring things up a bit, I have already won a friendly bet regarding his idea that Mexico would be more than happy to pay for a 14 billion dollar wall separating the alliance with our tequila manufacturing amigos.   While I believed Mexico would be setting up pinatas in the shape of a malignant narcissistic, pouty faced, bullying liar, my friend truly believed Mexico would cower to Trump as though he was a card carrying member of the Magnificent Seven.   Still, it took some persuasive tactics to convince him to take the bet.  I had to provide odds.  So, I told him if Mexico declined on this more than generous olive branch of opportunity, his end of the bargain was treating me to a bowl of Seattle’s finest clam chowder.  If Mexico was drunk enough to say, “ayyeee yeyyy yeeea, yi yi yi, Si!  Build thee wall.  We pay for it all, amigo!  Do you want my wife and daughter as well?  Ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha!”  I told him I’d give him 14 billion dollars. Pretty risky bet, but I felt the odds were still in my favor.

Winning the bet, my friend was less than happy to pay for the chowder when he found out it contained a mysterious spice indigenous only to Mexico, thus costing him an extra dollar for the importation tariff.

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