Toe Head

Let’s face it.  Unless you’re concerned with fetishes, or pedicures, toes are commonly ugly.  Forty years ago, I was given the name, “Toe Head” by my six older brothers and six older sisters. The name infuriated me so much I would be willing to swing like a wild man when anyone would use it in my presence.  For me, it was a synonym for ugly.   It was only four days ago that someone pointed out the term “Tow-head” was merely referring to someone with blond hair and pale skin.  (I guess my Washington State University English degree didn’t pay off quite so handsomely.) This person saved me.  For years, I’ve been wandering this planet thinking my head was just an unshaven, misguided toe.  If I’d have known this years before, I may have dated more.

Fortunately, my wife knows bettor……better.

2 thoughts on “Toe Head

  1. Funny stuff Mr. Gannon! I just learned about your blog from your brother Glenn. I hope all is wonderful for you! ~Lisa (Kaylee’s mom)

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