The Trouble with Tweeters

Today, I am a broken man.  Years ago, and out of abject fear, I made a phony promise to myself not to join the evil empire of Team Twitter.  Rather, I wished to faithfully remain with The Basic Bloggers for the entirety of my on-line writing career.  The Tweeters seemed to be the bad boys of social media.  With a mere one hundred and forty characters, one could make themselves despised or respected, yet heard within seconds.  From a business perspective, it seemed logical. Being of sound cyberspace mind and bloated blogger fatigue, I believed Team Twitter was the right capitalistic move for me and my family.

The Fear of Twitter:  One hundred forty characters and clicking the sinister button known as “Tweet”.  This scares me about half to death.  The other half that scares me is the “Publish” button found on my blog.  They are the black holes of clicking.  Once pressed, you may never return.  Wrongfully clicking may result in the loss of friends, loved ones and colleagues.  However, being a part of of Twittersphere, risk can also come with rewards.

Still allowed to remain part time with the Bloggers, I feel as though I’m two timing the industry.  Much like a two sport athlete, can one be equally as successful at both, as well as stay out of trouble doing so?  Only time and one hundred and forty characters will tell.


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    • I haven’t been drinking any cool-aid, but I have been eating heavily in Rome. After two full days here, nothing yet has touched what Rose makes.


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