The Gizard of Oz

Some house guests are commonly stressful.  Usually, they piss and leave other unsavory waste all over your house before leaving.  Even if you love them, you shouldn’t be ashamed while rejoicing their departure.

Almost a year ago, we had a house guest. After two days, unusually, we didn’t want him to leave, and were sad when his grandmother picked him up and pried him from our warm, live hands. His name was Gizmo.  He was a small canine making immediate friends with our two, much larger, and grateful dogs.

As much as we try to please our dogs, and a few homeless cats, squirrels, and chickadees, there is nothing like a new, ambitious dog to light the fire beneath two enormous, flammable dogs.  Gizmo did just this…  figuratively speaking.

While staying at our house, Gizmo ate when he was supposed to eat, crapped where he was supposed to crap, and pissed only once in the cat box, which we thought was funny.  (Our pretentious cat didn’t find it so amusing.)   After providing the cat with some nip, and before his nap, and with terrific arrogance while wearing one of his Harvard ties,  our cat purred, “Don’t let this happen again”.

Gizmo didn’t require an Ivy League tie.  Rather, he was a perfect gentleman and a delightful guest, despite our cat’s poor behavior.  After eating, Giz would also try, with all paws, to do the dishes.  He would bark at you in the general direction of the kitchen if you even attempted to clean a plate in his fortress of solitude.

I seldom use the word, “cute”.  However, my wife and I tossed it around relentlessly when this eight pound dog took charge of our house within minutes upon arrival.  Our “plus one hundred” pound dogs found Gizmo equally adorable.  They, Jack and Etta, both barked with pleasure walking around with him in a house lacking a little energy.  They were also sad to see him leave.

Gizmo did leave our house, but it was with great pleasure anticipating his return. Honestly, how often do you wish a guest to return before you take a six month nap?  The Giz ruined that theory.

Sadly, Giz won’t return because he has retired to the great and glorious open field in heaven to run, piss, and, hopefully, make new friends.  I haven’t told our one remaining dog the sad news.  I figure he is stressed enough about about our new President.

Rest and Play, Giz.



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