The Every Other Daily Corona: Lose Yourself

Even though they were before my time, I love watching the old black and white Laurel and Hardy episodes.  Happy humor.  I also liked the Gong Show. Now I must confess something about embarrassing humor and the depths of which we’ve sunk to keep ourselves busy and sane, sometimes insane, when spending the majority of our time at home.

My wife and I were chilling with Alexa this morning when the song Lose Yourself, by Marshall Mathers, AKA, Eminem, began in the background.  My wife decided to bust a rhyme with Marshall.  I had no choice but to dance to her Karaoke.  Just imagine Laurel and Hardy doing this at the Apollo Theater.  That’s pretty similar to how we probably looked, just with far less talent.  Much like the Gong Show, Alexa put a halt to this very, very extraordinarily white couple singing and dancing in the bathroom with my wife taking a break from putting on her makeup. (Makeup during a pandemic???? Who does this? That’s borderline blasphemy.)

While my wife was trying to bust a rhyme,  it was more like crushing a rhyme, in the negative sense.  My dancing, with half an apple in my hand and the other half in my mouth was equally as dreadful.  However, we were able to laugh at ourselves and were wildly thankful no one was recording it.

Crazy days.  It reminds me of the year Sir Charles Barkley said, “These are crazy days.  Who would have thought that there’d be a time in our lives when the best golfer in the world was black (Tiger Woods) and the best rapper in the world was white (Eminem).”

I wish the topic was as light as that, but it isn’t.  We strive to search for laughter and smiles so we can go to bed with hope and peace in our hearts rather than fear in our minds.

Strange days indeed.

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