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A Diamond in the Rough (The Painfully Slow Evolution of a Baseball Team)

There are four measurements on a diamond: cut, clarity, color, and carrot.  There are four measurements on a baseball field: hitting, throwing, running and catching.  Both are measured in terms of perfection when it comes to a ring or the … Continue reading

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Mariner Jet Lag (it’s raining in seattle?)

Once again, I am on the same jet lag wave length as my wife because of my love for baseball and pure hatred for (I’m not going to provide them the decency of using proper nouns or capital letters) the … Continue reading

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Opening Dismay

Other than Pearl Harbor and poor driving skills, I have nothing against the Japanese.  I have everything against a team in Seattle, Washington, located in America for having baseball’s opening day in anywhere but America. The Seattle Mariners are playing … Continue reading

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Mediocrity should be placed in the Hall of Fame of Embarrassing Words.  We all know what four letter words are, but shouldn’t a nine letter word such as “mediocrity” share those four letter words’ fame?  I believe it should, much … Continue reading

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India Part 2 : Electric Boogaloo

The greatest thing about being in India is not being able to watch the Seattle Mariners lose.  The second item I love about India is that they find it pretentious when Americans tip them.  Therefore, if you witnessed my previous … Continue reading

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