Stink Holes

Sink holes are nothing to be challenged with, especially when county workers are attempting to fix the issue.  There is currently a sink hole on our street.  Since we live on a dead end road, we had no way of exiting our house, even to get toilet paper.  I went down to visit five “workers”.  Four of them were doing nothing…..I mean Nothing, and the other one was awake. That’s progress.

Holding my hand up with contrition, I worked for the county one summer while attending college.  As a rookie, I was instructed not to work so hard.  The county veterans said I was making them look bad.

I finished the summer while county veterans, on the county clock mind you, were spending the first three hours of the day traveling to a local convenient store collecting doughnuts and chicken gizzards, followed by finding a secluded park where they could eat their meal and read the paper, and then it was nap time for them.

While the 70 year old I was “working” with was snoozing in the park, I walked around picking up garbage just to make myself feel as though I didn’t have to attend confession after work.

We also had Fridays off.  Sweet deal.  I still found a different job.

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