This pandemic is driving us crazy, By us, I mean the world.

We made reservations at a nice place on the island. Gilligan’s Island. I should have known it wasn’t the proper island when they didn’t have head hunters, millionaires, professors and hot actresses.

It was simply an island for baboons like us. Our reservation was turned down because the head chef came down with a cace of the “trotts.” We returned to our home, starving for coconut, pineapple and maize, only to find none of it.

Last Resort; Dairy Queen

We didn’t know reservations were required at Dairy Queen, but as starvation consumes your body to the point of insanity, Dairy Queen was our last resort.

When entering the line at DQ, there were eight cars in front of us. I panicked, and without a mask, I busted in, unarmed, but they thought my intent was to rob, steal, and perhaps kill. All we wanted was a blizzard. They, said, “wait in line, you damn dirty ape. It may be two hour and 47 minute wait”

I didn’t know what that meant but we did wait in line, put on our friendly masks and received a blizzard.

The next time we go to DQ, we will ask for a reservation.

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