Religion and decisions, much like politics, are tricky subjects.  I voice my opinions with God, Jesus, the Catholic Rosary, my wife, some dear friends, and my mother. The latter seems to be the most impressive.

I have decided to rely on my mother’s faith, genuine goodness, a dose of prayer, drizzled with a wonderful wife, to live my life as properly as I could wish.

A very fortunate man.

By the wayside, don’t rely on Trump to run our nation.  He is a perfect example of what our mothers warned us about.


4 thoughts on “Prayer

    • Vic! I have been sensitive since the day I was born. You probably remember that day. Seattle didn’t create my sensitivity level and New York only desensitized me. My wife and I don’t smoke weed, but there are times when she has suggested I relax a bit. You know what would relax me today? One of Rose’s Sunday meals. Have a great day and day off. You’ve earned it.

  1. Vic, if you’re speaking with regard to my Donald Trump comment, it doesn’t surprise me. Just because someone is entertaining though, doesn’t make them a good U.S. President. If that were the case, I’d vote for Steve as our next President. You’ve lived in Spokane way too long. Lay off the booze.

  2. Ben
    Entertaining or not, he’s not a politician. What makes a good President? Bush, Obama? and now Hillary. Your scaring me Ben. Don’t hug a tree, cut it down. don’t save a whale, make a candle. I know it’s legal but go easy on the green bud. Hell I would vote for Steve also. What a pair The Donald and The Steed in 2016(The Truth will set you free)
    I didn’t realize you have become so sensitive. New York must be rubbing off on you. Pray for me buddy IM a Mariner fan. I just don’t under stand peoples infatuation with politicians? Their such an honest lot. You’re right I have lived in Spokane to long, but what’s worse I’ve lived in the state of Washington longer. Anyway your still my favorite toe head, God bless!

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