Religion and decisions, much like politics, are tricky subjects.  I voice my opinions with God, Jesus, the Catholic Rosary, my wife, some dear friends, and my mother. The latter seems to be the most impressive.

I have decided to rely on my mother’s faith, genuine goodness, a dose of prayer, drizzled with a wonderful wife, to live my life as properly as I could wish.

A very fortunate man.

By the wayside, don’t rely on Trump to run our nation.  He is a perfect example of what our mothers warned us about.


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4 Responses to Prayer

  1. vic says:

    Ben, You’ve been in Seattle way to long. Lay off the cool aid.

    • Ben Gannon says:

      Vic! I have been sensitive since the day I was born. You probably remember that day. Seattle didn’t create my sensitivity level and New York only desensitized me. My wife and I don’t smoke weed, but there are times when she has suggested I relax a bit. You know what would relax me today? One of Rose’s Sunday meals. Have a great day and day off. You’ve earned it.

  2. Ben Gannon says:

    Vic, if you’re speaking with regard to my Donald Trump comment, it doesn’t surprise me. Just because someone is entertaining though, doesn’t make them a good U.S. President. If that were the case, I’d vote for Steve as our next President. You’ve lived in Spokane way too long. Lay off the booze.

  3. vic says:

    Entertaining or not, he’s not a politician. What makes a good President? Bush, Obama? and now Hillary. Your scaring me Ben. Don’t hug a tree, cut it down. don’t save a whale, make a candle. I know it’s legal but go easy on the green bud. Hell I would vote for Steve also. What a pair The Donald and The Steed in 2016(The Truth will set you free)
    I didn’t realize you have become so sensitive. New York must be rubbing off on you. Pray for me buddy IM a Mariner fan. I just don’t under stand peoples infatuation with politicians? Their such an honest lot. You’re right I have lived in Spokane to long, but what’s worse I’ve lived in the state of Washington longer. Anyway your still my favorite toe head, God bless!

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