Nose Hair

Thank God for small islands and small minded people.  I now live on a small island, and I consider myself to be a small minded person.  For extra food money, I found a job for my lovely wife at the small minded Right Aid.  I think they spell it Rite Aid, but what the hell do I know about spelling?  That’s beside the point.  I took my morning bike ride on the island, with deer and rabbits avoiding me, to pronounce my presence at Rite Aid while visiting my wife at her new job working in the warehouse.  She was unavailable at the moment, so I thought I’d purchase something while waiting.  It’s similar to showing up at a bar and ordering a beer even if you don’t require one.  Protocol.

My sideburns sometimes get out of control, so I found a 200X multi-capable double blade flux capacitor uranium filled trimmer.  When showing up to the counter, the clerk couldn’t find the proper price for it.  While waiting, because it’s her business, she said, oh, lots of nose hair, huh?  Irritated, I said no,  It’s for my pubic hair.  She shut down like a ride at Disney Land.

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