Manti and Lance (Hiding Something in Their Pants)

Famous, and perhaps nefarious athletes, Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’O have some explaining to do.

One duping and doping us all.  The other, perhaps duped, or making dopes of us all? Doesn’t that sound like a great tandem?  Just picturing Manti and Lance riding into an Oprah Winfrey set on a tandem bicycle makes me interested in those crafty guys.  I swear those two boys are just as shifty as the ones who created Sasquatch.  We’ll all get bored with these subjects, but we’ll also become intrigued with the truth.  I guess you could make comparisons with someone loving the mystery novel genre.  Whodunit?  Well, with Lance Armstrong, we pretty much know who dun it.  That’s why Oprah is so wildly frustrated by this Manti guy stealing her lightning and PED thunder.  Ratings GaloreO, bye bye O.  Poor Oprah.  With Manti though, she has another ace in her hole.  So, let’s not feel sorry for her.  Let’s look at this case as a potential dandy “After School Television Special” for those grizzled enough to remember such masterpieces.

The setting of this made for T.V. movie begins with the terrifying world of cyberspace in general. ( Don’t worry, I’m not writing a screenplay unless I can collaborate with Mad Magazine) With this blog, when I decide to chime in, it’s a slippery and scary ride.  When I write something, I have the choice to press the publish button, or refrain because my writing was dreadful on that day or the last month.  I do, however, when publishing a blog, maintain the power of disclosing whether my writing is fact, fiction, a mixture of both or just plain silly.  But I must recognize that every time I press that button, anyone in the world can read it.  Think about a student submitting a paper to his or her teacher and making that teacher promise not to let anyone else read it, or they won’t submit it.  That’s shrewd.  For any student who may not be proud of what they’ve done, it creates a very scary world if the teacher doesn’t hold up to that bargain.  Criticism can be an ugly toenail.  You race on-line, hope to finish first, but be prepared to finish last.

It looks like this Manti character wasn’t as cautious……….but there in “lies” the mystery.  Did someone else create his girlfriend, or did HE create this fictional love?  Or, were many others involved such as Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock or even Professor Plum participating as well?  Hopefully, time will tell, because we know, none of them, including Lance will tell the true story, even if he brings a bucket of  PET’s (performance enhancing tears) to Oprah’s set.

The internet is like the wilderness, my friends.  We don’t really know what or who is out there teasing us with these elaborate hoaxes.  And, they can hurt.



6 thoughts on “Manti and Lance (Hiding Something in Their Pants)

  1. I heard the girl pretending to be Manti’s actually got pregnant though sexting via her iPhone. Can you believe that shit? Apple technology is getting far to advanced.

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