How to Reason Without Baseball Season

My wife finally believes me.

Make no mistake, I have told lies.  This is no lie, but much like most lies, this admission of guilt is a bit embarrassing.

Unlike a special blanket, I slept with a plastic helmet with the La Dodger logo.   I dreamed of being in the World Series those nights at the ridiculous age of 6.  My family made fun of me.  They still do, but they also knew they couldn’t have pried that helmet off me with a ball peen hammer, pick axe, and a wrecking ball.

As a catholic, I’d go to confession with very little to talk about at the age of six.  When I confessed to the Father regarding sleeping with a helmet on, he told me, “That’s not a sin.  It’s just kind of  goofy.”

After my wife spoke with my sisters and brothers, they confirmed it properly.

Now, she just thinks it was pretty cute.

Nobody sleeps with a helmet…..except me.

I wore that helmet until the start of the next season.  That may be stretching it.

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