Hit ’em Where it Helps

Don’t wait until they die.  While they’re still here… hit ’em where it helps.

There is no better way to send someone to their grave just prior to death than telling them, years before they parish, how much they mean to you. (That is, if the person has affected you positively or even profoundly. Otherwise, you may just let them rest properly and get the hell out of the way.)

We lose many, unexpectedly, without having the chance to outwardly express our appreciation for them.  To me, this isn’t tragic, just a little unfair.  On the same stage, we all wait patiently, or impatiently, for loved ones to pass on to what we wish for them to be a better life.  We then wait until the ashes are distributed, and sadly wish to have said  or written anything to them providing meaning above and beyond their call of beauty on this earth.  Don’t wait.

Even as a young boy, I recall attending funerals when the eulogy was provided with terrific passion and respect, only for the widow or widower to have stated, following the procession, “I wish ‘he’ or ‘she’ could have been present to hear that”, or “I wish ‘he’ or ‘she’ could have heard those beautiful words commemorating such a graceful life.”

Don’t wait.  It’s not too late.  Hit ’em where it helps.

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