Hey, Bartender…..Thanks.

As a very fortunate person, I have an enormous amount with which to be thankful.  When possible, I enjoy giving thanks in person.  It seems less contrived. When I text someone an apology or a thank you, it usually requires many edits.  Most thank you letters or texts seem to be preceded with or followed by an apology and an unreasonable excuse.  This makes giving thanks at the dinner table on Thanksgiving a little uncomfortable, if you wish to be sincere.

Some people don’t like, in the least, being forced to give specific thanks around a table of friends and family on Thanksgiving, and I believe holding hands around said table should be, in a written invitational agreement, optional.  I’d prefer to just say thank you and be on my eating way.  (I do understand these requests won’t get me invited to Thanksgiving dinner, and I’m ok with that.) However,  I will be forthcoming in giving thanks to someone through a blog.  It’s genuinely peaceful not being forced to do something against one’s wishes.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’d like to give thanks to the bartender who kicked me, along with three of my brothers out of another one of my brother’s tavern years ago.

Dear Bartender,

Sorry you had to kick us out of our brother’s tavern the night before Thanksgiving.  I am additionally sorry if the owner wrongly terminated you because of the unfortunate turkey wrestling incident.   We deserved to be thrown out and had no idea you were placing the stuffing inside the turkey precisely when the incident transpired.  We thought it was dressing you were carrying out to the table, commonly mistaken for turkey stuffing.  Never will we make this mistake again.  Thank you for teaching us a lesson.  I have not been thrown out of my brother’s tavern since.   By the way, having a bunch of brothers, I will say it was mostly their fault.


One of their brothers


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