Someone at the store told me to go to Hell today. I’m not used to that. I was wearing my baby blue mask, but I made the mistake of walking the wrong way in an aisle. Not more than five people were in the store, and I was condemned to burning in a lake of fire. That just doesn’t seem fair.

Forgive me for doing some wildly stupid things in my life, but is walking down the wrong lane in a grocery store reason for me going to Hell? I guess the prince of darkness is a little more strict than I fathomed while saying my prayers each night.

I never minded spending a timeout in school for a ridiculous reason, such as spitting while playing baseball. That’s not dealing with the man. That’s dealing with the evil playground monitors. I’ll take my punishment.

This guy at the store really irritated me. What did I really do which was so wrong? I blamed Jesus. Then, I just forgave him, and He laughed.

By the way, I walked away from the man telling me I could go to Hell. I was just a little bored and willing to turn the other cheek. We ate fish that night. I shared it with everyone on the island not willing to stand in line at the store. Maybe, Jesus had a good point.

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