Recognition of Evil doesn’t prevent Evil. Sadly, it almost embraces it.

I’m guilty. I’m guilty of watching the news, reading the paper, and know not to believe anything on the internet. Forgive me for being interested. I, rather, we, should also be discerning.

My value regarding the shootings in Texas may fall deaf upon those who can’t hear or discern anything. Sadly, those who can’t hear or discern live in areas of the United States where logic, understanding, and rational behavior doesn’t exist. It, gun violence, boils me to the core of what is clearly unacceptable, clearly disgusting, and yet ignored by some or heard with indifference.

A close friend of mine, “Craig”, brought up the topic this morning. He’s a respected and excellent teacher who arrives to work every morning trying to accept the idea of him or his students dealing with the possibility of such behavior which is beyond comprehension.

I wish he’d take up a new profession. You know, like law enforcement, firefighter, EMT, the Marines. Painter. Corn Hole construction or aviation. Safe avenues. He would nail them all. Instead, he chooses to be a teacher. Much to my dismay, Bravo, Craig. You are a better man than I.

What are the solutions to this sickening behavior? I don’t know. It’s so tricky. Fewer assault rifles? No. That’s too easy.

Craig believes eliminating the glorification of shooters is at the very least an a attempt for the Media to speed up the attention for settling down the possibility one shooter may not be so inclined to kill so many innocent children.

My other friend, Mark, has a much easier and morbid solution. Mark is in his nineties and works as a crossing guard at a local elementary. He loves the children almost as much as they love him. His, not so popular solution, is to wish for a gun yielding teenager to bust a cap in the asses of those approaching death, almost wishing it, in his retirement community, thus sparing the lives of precious children. Since I love him dearly, and I am anti guns, my response to him was to purchase a bullet proof afghan and avoid the shooter. Unconventional, yes. Practical? I have no idea.

Either way, we are all screwed if AK whatevers are still being sold to people of any age, race, religion or AARP members. We already sell them cars. Isn’t that enough?

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