My sister, Anne, said something very discerning to me yesterday.  I didn’t want to believe it, but she was correct.  Currently, every day is groundhog day.  I’m referring to the movie with an unknown actor, Bill Murray.  I remember the actor.  I don’t remember the groundhog’s name.  His or her name may be Corona.  I don’t know.

We wake up every day, thankfully, feeding the dogs and the cats, try to workout if you have the time, and talk to Amazon Alexa,..that’s her full name.

I have a friend who not only works for Amazon, she actually knows Alexa.  (she’s actually pretty sweet) We ask her about the weather, and then curse the jigsaw puzzle we can’t finish, and Alexa curses when she can’t help as well.  She’s now staying with us.  Alexa showed up, in person, not to say hello, how are you today?  She wanted to look at the puzzle. She’s still working on the puzzle.  “Alexa, when are you leaving?”


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