Forty Forty, Look who’s Bowling!

Ben Bowling 2Sunday, October the 13th, will mark the fortieth anniversary of my wife’s birth.  Guess who cares?  She doesn’t.  That’s why I planned a surprise birthday gift, providing her first class escort service to the University of Washington Medical Center where she could receive her monthly medical treatment.  “Go Dawgs!”  Isn’t that terrific?

I guess that wasn’t enough.  Exhausted and hungry, my wife only wished to go home after receiving medical care.  When someone mentions those two words, “exhausted and hungry”, the first thing I do is take them to a bowling alley.  I had such a wonderful time picking out a 13 pound ball for her while she tried to hold back the food.  It was the best and last frozen pizza we ever had.

BrittBowling2My wife’s mother sent her flowers and a balloon.  That was sweet.  However, it doesn’t compete with a son-in -law taking her daughter to the hospital, followed by a therapeutic session of bowling.  As a gentleman, I even found her a pair of fungus-free bowling shoes.   Bowlers.   We are so snobby.



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