Fight Night at the Gannons

All of you who weren’t sucker punched like me, my wife and my brother in-law, along with a seventy five dollar cover charge, I will give you the best or worst round by round coverage of the fight between Floyd Maywether and another guy I’m hoping gives us his money worth.

Let’s have fun with our money.

Before the first round started, quite honestly, my brother in-law and my sister delivered some of the best salsa I’ve ever tasted.  This was supposed to be first round hype.  It lived up and tasted up to all our expectations.  Although my sister never showed up to the fight, we do consider her to be ducking a good party.

Round Two to follow for those who haven’t ponied up your own seventy five bucks of history…….

Round One:  (We’re still waiting for the fight to start.  Jerry, our honorable guest, is acting as though he enjoys my pulled pork.  He hasn’t had seconds yet.  I’m not offended, but McDonald’s is near by…no big deal)  The fight is close.  McDonald’s is closed because everyone employed is here watching the fight.  Jerry has asked for seconds of the pulled pork.  He is now welcomed to stay.

Still waiting for round one to begin:  We talked to my brother who says he’s watching the fight as well in another city.  We don’t believe him.  He just didn’t want to fly two hundred and eighty miles to eat pulled pork and watch a fight which may last two hundred and eighty seconds.

Officially, I think, the first round may be starting.  (according to my wife, the Mexican National Anthem lasts forever)  My brother in-law is texting his wife during the American Anthem.  I think that’s disrespectful.  I may ask him to leave before the fight starts or after I finish the salsa he brought.

Wow.  Apparently, this is a circus.  Justin Bieber is now fighting…….no, he just has tattoos and a white watch while tagging along with the Champ!  Let’s get this circus on the railroad!

End of round one: my wife thought many of the white haired ladies in the crowd had the same looks on their faces as those who were watching Pulp Fiction for the first time.

Two:  Nothing but waiting for the champ to finish, and my wife to talk Lil Wayne.

Three: We all have to pee.

Four:  Losing interest.

Five: Bell rang at the end of it.

Six:  Calelo hasn’t won a round.

Seven:  Possible stoppage because of poor usage of Mexican Mariachi Band.

Eight: Only a matter of time

Nine:  Denzel is at the fight.  This has been worth the money.

Ten:  My brother in-law is looking for the last ferry ride home.

Eleven:  Our party has now resorted to how sore we were after playing wi boxing and tennis.

Twelve:  We were just thanked by the reigning champion for supporting him.  This is where some utilized the art of profanity.  Not me.  Good Night.











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