Writing is never easy, unless you talk to my wife for less than seven seconds regarding the confused guy she, or even an intelligent child, should replace as the Potus. No disrespect to my wife.  (she’s not a child)

My wife recently stated,  “I want to cough all over that guy.”  (She’s not even from Jersey)

She also wants to beat him up, kick him in the balls, and yada yada yada…….

Britt, my wife, who doesn’t allow me use her real name, is refined enough to only entertain me with this banter in the warmness of our home.  I’m choosing to write this because, sadly, I think it’s a little funny, and I enjoy celebrating and sharing her gift of humor.  I will also sacrifice my balls if she becomes the next US President. The V.P, of course, will be a mechanical monkey.

I’m so pleased to be on her good side.

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