Colors of Wonder

The Northern lights. As a ten year old, I didn’t know what the hell those were. It could have been a lamp hovering over a basketball hoop or a left field fence for all I knew. I did know this. When my mother would reach for a wooden chair and stare to the North, it didn’t matter. I’d stare with her.

Our mother spent decades in that yard watching and reluctantly participating in our backyard adventures, whether it was baseball, football, basketball or kick the can, she’d be there. One night, she asked me if I wanted to see the Northern Lights, and I didn’t care if was a 30 watt lightbulb. I said, yes.

She sat in the chair and I sat on the lawn next to her wondering when this light would turn on to illuminate our yard and house. Mom sat patiently, and I sat impatiently waiting for something I wasn’t sure I believed in or not. I tossed my impatience aside, along with my leather baseball glove, and decided to believe in her. Something I should have done long before.

An hour went by ( to me that was a day) and I saw nothing but dark blue sky. Usually, a chatter box, my mother was silent for that hour. I still sat by her believing something may happen which would define me as a man, child, infant or just a plain old earthling. Much like Sasquatch, the lights didn’t properly arrive. Yet, she believed, some day, they would. Therefore, I remained faithful as well, that one day they would arrive…just not that night.

Last Saturday, after hearing from the local news the Northern Lights could be witnessed at sunset, I sat alone on the grass waiting to see them in all their glory. I wasn’t alone. Although it was a beautiful sunset, the brilliant lights seen in internet pictures never arrived, much like Sasquatch. Yet, sitting they made me realize the most magical part of the northern lights was actually our mother.

Although we never captured it in its full brilliance, I thought there was more to Northern Lights than just the colors. It was faith and wondering what was beyond those lights. My mother always believed there was more somewhere else. At the time, I didn’t, but I do now. Still never seeing the Northern Lights, I went further and found out there was something beyond those lights which would make me happy. Thanks to her, I’m happy.

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