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A Very Hindu Valentine (Business and Sickness)

While my wife’s guts and mine recover from our trip to India, I must leave those who follow this silly blog with quite a cute story regarding a completely different part of India’s business culture with which neither of us … Continue reading

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What Day is This?

Roaming the streets of India can sometimes be a bit unnerving.  It can also be funny.  White guys become confused with the time and days in India.  We don’t know if it’s Hare Christmas, Easter, or Dinner Time….(that’s my favorite … Continue reading

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Stop Looking at Me (a trip to the zoo)

Walking through the streets of India, I believe the white man is recognized as someone going to the zoo.  It’s sad.  Everywhere we go, we wish to fit in.  I do enjoy experiencing anything new, but sometimes, you get that … Continue reading

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Remembering the Alley

For those of you who know me, I wrote something almost a year ago about an alley. For me, it provided meaning, substance, and an unworthy completion to this world.  Luckily, and happily, I’ve lived another year to see it … Continue reading

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Immortality in India

Three days of sickness in India makes one wish to be safe in a hospital anywhere but India.  We leap to conclusions while serving time in the bathroom.  “I’ll never eat again!!!  I’ll never drink again!!”  Typical eating and drinking … Continue reading

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A Guide for Traveling Simpletons (me)

Do you remember those educational films we watched in elementary school regarding etiquette in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, or bathroom?  Perhaps you’re not old enough to recall these, especially if you don’t know what a projector is.  These films were … Continue reading

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Travel Fatigue

Staying in London, Britt and I have discovered one aspect conquering our journey to India.  London has terrific two ply toilet paper.  Other than this observation, sadly, without being a grinch or an Ebeneser Scrooge, our travel limit has reached … Continue reading

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India Reality

Britt and I have both witnessed and observed such a wide variety of culture in India that, sometimes, the heart gets dizzy and outweighs the brain.  This is our last day in Chennai, and we are headed for London.  Maggie, … Continue reading

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India: Cricket Alley

While semi communicating in India via e-mail with my brother, Tom, he asked me if I had experienced anything here resembling the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.  He was referring to the culture, not the television show representing nothing about this culture.  … Continue reading

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Disconnected in India

Gannon’s Blog, 2 thousand and something: Decided to take a walk and get water and a sandwich. Elevator was out of commission. Chose to take the fire exit. Alarm went off….not kidding. Ran away from security who didn’t recognize me. … Continue reading

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