Our Kentucky Derby

There is only one race for me before landing in Kentucky……and it was on an airplane.  In my former life, I was a part time gambler and full time loser.  Now, I just play one on a flight with my wife.

Seldomly betting much these days, and since the two of us weren’t planning to watch the ponies at a proper race track in Kentucky, we decided it would be fun to choose the names and numbers of the horses if we landed at Churchill Downs.   I will provide a fictional racing form and the odds.  You may choose your own horse….(or adventure).

1) HGH:   10/1 (this is her first race)

2) Prime Rib: 50/1  (a little heavy)

3) Speak Easy:  11/1 (six feet under ground)

4) Thousand Island:  8/1 (a good mudder, but his mother’s name was “Crouton”)

5) Perthes Disease: 100/1 (two years ago was his last win)

6) Ben’s Crush: 1973/1 (bet on this long shot)

7) Tooth Decay 16/1 (don’t count on this stallion……his mother was “Root Canal”)

8) Salad Night (off line….a clear favorite because it’s sire’s name was “Early Bird Special”)

9) Extra Innings: 9 and 1/2 to 1  (it’s a sleeper)

10) Craig’s List 49/1 (look at it before you bet on it)

As a young boy, when watching the Kentucky Derby, or venturing to our local track, “Playfair”, I would only bet according to the names of the horses.  The odds meant nothing to me.  As an older man, the odds still mean nothing to me.  The names remain the same.

Two minutes until post time:  Choose wisely.



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