Eat Night of the Century

Is it the fight of the century?  I guess.  It’s only 2015.  We are paying one hundred dollars to see the bout between two boxers on our color television set.  I can’t even mention the fighters’ names because it would do an injustice to the pugilistic society.  Both are tremendous boxers, but neither will match the greatness of the likes or unlikes of Ali, Frazier, Leonard, Duran, Marciano, or Rocky.

Will the fight be worth it?  I guess.  Several members of the non boxing community sanctioned by me will be attending this function at our house.  Their tupperware filled with side dishes accompanying the pulled pork and chicken wings we provide will be their cover charge.  Will that be worth it?  Yes.

The food and company was worth it. The fight was merely a leftover nobody wished to take home.   Next time, we’ll just do it without a fight.



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