Credit This

My wife is traveling to New York, and she is stressed with regards to the packing.   I told her to pack a credit card, keep her clothes on, and make sure she has enough coins to ride the subway.  It’s that simple.

My brother, Greg, rarely travels, but when he does, he packs three items:  the clothes he has on his back, his wallet, and a credit card.  STRESS FREE.

It is an exceptionally divine means of travel.

Mark Twain was quoted as saying “Golf is a terrific way to ruin a nice walk”.  Even though I love Samuel Clemens, I am prepared to canonize my  brother as a more profound quotation device (not to be confused a flotation device) in the twenty something century.

“When traveling, bring your current clothes, an ID, and a credit card.”  (Greg Gannon)

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