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Turn on the Lights

Light poles weren’t easy to come around in Spokane, Washington in the ninety seventies.  They weren’t even easy to hide behind on a night when lights were required. My late brother, Steve, although mostly revered for his wrestling talents, was … Continue reading

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Pious at the Plate

Secretly, I was a pretty decent baseball player until I learned only being successful three times out of ten would get you in Baseball’s Hall of Fame.  I was hitting five hundred in my my math classes, and hitting .400 … Continue reading

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Tools and T-Ball

On God’s Seventh Inning Stretch, he created T-Ball.  It was one of his many mistakes. Actually, that’s not entirely true. He probably was just messing with us when he gave us the gift of the Tee, but, as usual, we abused … Continue reading

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Strike Three

Swing at strikes.  If you know nothing about baseball, you’re out. April 15 (opening day….baseball) is right around the corner, and if my mom is looking forward to Spring and seven months of baseball, YOU better look forward to seven … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Holiday (7) Moods

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Jewish rituals.  All respected and appreciated by my father, but no holiday compared to game seven of the World Series.  As a man of faith, he attended church more than regularly, but he appreciated both the love … Continue reading

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Politics and Baseball

Currently, there are two major competitive series playing out this season of the witch or pitch, depending how you look at it.  One remains a Fall Classic, and the other has, decidedly, become a Fall Catastrophe. Let’s make this simple. … Continue reading

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Your Roots

Similar to questioning one’s faith, I am questioning who I’m rooting for to win the World Series.  I’ve never been an avid Cubs fan, but I’ve been to Wrigley Field.  Does that somehow qualify me as being a year long … Continue reading

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The Good News

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can suck it.  What the world needs now is a Jimmy Buffett concert and baseball.  Drop the keyboard.

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Post Season Rules

The game of baseball can be taxing.  It goes from boring to stand up and hug or high five your phony neighbor in one inning, one home run, or even one strike. During this post season of baseball, some people … Continue reading

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The Retired Helmet

Vin Scully, the now former announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers has passed, figuratively speaking, for the Dodgers and all their fans.  Yet, he will still remain alive in everyone’s baseball hearts. The LA Dodger helmet I wore to bed … Continue reading

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