Beverages, Baseball and Buffett (with a side of Football)

Comfort food for the ailing sporting Soul:  If anyone shed tears regarding the Seattle Seahawks losing yesterday, don’t look forward to next year’s football season.  Get over it, and look forward to baseball’s Spring Training.  The outcome of the games don’t mean a thing to the casual baseball observer, and nobody leaves crying, but they are fun, and everyones’ disposition is quite lovely, even if they dislike baseball.  Most people enjoy a beer and a little sunshine, followed by the sweet sound of a wooden bat cracking a ball. If they don’t, they can all go to Hell.

One of the many components I admire and respect about baseball, as opposed to the wonderful sport of American Football, is beer usually gets poured “in you” at a baseball game rather than “on you”, or your wife, at a football game. Depending on the city, that is one of the many reasons I love baseball more than football.  Without going into great detail, I also have a lesser chance of getting beat up at a baseball game than at a grid ironed, face painted, pre functional, potential catastrophe NFL game.

Football season is over for Seattle, our place of residence, and we are looking forward to Baseball Spring Training and the sun, though not the Mariners.  After opening day, we will only watch the Mariner games on television and pay more attention to the barbecue than the game.  That’s not entirely true.  My wife and I pay painfully close attention to more innings we wish to admit. That’s why we fly to Arizona for Spring Training.

Why is Spring Training so lovely.  It simply reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett concert: Great entertainment, happy seventh inning songs, and people purchasing beverages for others they have never met and not worrying about the outcome of the game or concert.  You will always have a smile on your face when you leave the venue.

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